What are the Differences between Android Development and iOS Development?


Android and iOS has almost 90% of the market share in the USA. More and more developers are joining the force each day that ultimately results in thousands of amazing apps. However, both of these platforms have the very different ecosystem and architecture. Sometimes because of different reasons, developers have to choose either one of them for their app development or sometimes they have to prioritize one over the other.

This is quite a hard decision which is almost impossible to make without having a firm grasp of the differences between both architectures and platforms. Let’s see some differences between iOS and Android app development every programmer should know.

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Android and iOS have quite distinctive development process, tools, market, audience and even devices. Both of this platform and their ecosystems have their own unique characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. Although Android holds a larger market share globally that means Android developers have a larger audience, on the other hand, iOS offers a much more attractive target audience and iOS is also known for its brand loyalty.(Linked People:) Native iOS Development Company

The brand loyalty associated with iOS devices is advantageous for iOS developers as the market share of iOS would expand over the next couple of years. Before making the final decision, developers must study these platforms, their development tools, and user engagement to understand the differences. These understandings would help developers accomplish their business objectives without falling into a pit.

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